Jumpers4u at 9856 Danelle Court, Delhi, CA 95315

Full information about Establishment and food "Jumpers4u" at 9856 Danelle Court, Delhi, CA 95315

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9856 Danelle Court, Delhi, CA 95315
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+1 209-613-7069


Establishment   Food  

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Sunday 06:00am — 08:30pm
Monday 06:00am — 08:30pm
Tuesday 06:00am — 08:30pm
Wednesday 06:00am — 08:30pm
Thursday 06:00am — 08:30pm
Friday 06:00am — 08:30pm
Saturday 06:00am — 08:30pm
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  • Carolina Tovar
    Dec, 05 2017
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I had booked Peter about a month prior to our event, last minute we ended up not needing the tent and just wanted to get chairs, tables, and heaters. According to Peter we were going to be getting all of the things on Friday so that it could be set up. Well Friday came and I didn't hear from him, I called him about 5-7 times and his phone would go straight to Voicemail, I texted him twice and I heard nothing from him until the next week on Monday after our event. He texted me placing the blame on his delivery guy and said his phone was never an issue. I had to call over 10 different places to see if anyone had availability for rentals for my party. This was a horrible experience since he no showed on me and I was left with nothing. I would not recommend them as a party rental if you want to make sure you get your things the day they are supposed to get there. If his phone was never an issue why wouldn't he contact me Friday or Saturday morning or just bring the things to our house. Horrible experience overall, his text message on Monday was irrelevant since it was about three days too late. Not only that, but he texted me saying that leaving bad reviews was not cool, and how it was just a problem he is dealing with, after I told him that wasn't my fault he said that my party time wasn't even until after noon Saturday, he kept texting my phone only making matters worst for himself trying to justify his mistake & even said he contacted me that same night at midnight which was a lie, Like I told him if he didn't want bad reviews he should have showed up and delivered like anyone else would have. He then said we didn't even have money for the deposit, but we told him we could have it for him by Friday which was the next day when he came to look at our housing space, by far the worst experience ever. Business owners should not harass people just because they don't know how to keep their word.
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